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Aluminio Soldadura Durafix Easyweld & Soldadura Baja Temperatura X 8 X 22 CMS E72E-

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and any non ferrous metal e.g. copper, brass etc 
Same Day shipping If Ordered Between 9 – 2 Mon - Fri
Preparation  Brush surface of the part to be repaired thoroughly under heat to break up the surface coating of aluminium oxide.
Tinning Brush tinned surface under heat, thoroughly filling the open pores. This creates a film of rod over the weld or repair area, which aids bonding and strength to the weld.
Filling With sides thoroughly tinned, flow in enough rod to fill the vee. Be sure filler fuses with the tinned surface without melting the aluminium.
Preparation Vee the broken edges of the zinc alloy to about 45 degrees, clean the surface of any plating or scale back from edges of the vee 1/8 of an inch.
Repairing Repeat operation until break is completely filled. Any excess can be ground and polished after cooling. Be sure to kick rod into weld to break down skin resistance as the filler rod will lay on surface and will not fuse if only heat is applied.

Price: GBP 13,99

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